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Who can apply ?

Early Career Performance Makers. This is a flexible term – to include recent graduates and those who have produced only a limited amount of work, but also, for example, experienced makers who are moving into a new field.

Such ECPMs can include

  • makers working in theatre, visual and physical theatre, dance, puppetry, performance art, storytelling, circus and outdoor arts 

  • specialists including performers, directors, writers, producers, choreographers, dramaturgs and visual, sound & AV designers

NB: If you work on the technical side of performance, we recommend you contact leading Scottish Production Manager, Fi Fraser (, who is running another Creative Scotland-funded project, Production Management and Creating a Sustainable Sector. The aims of this project relate closely to those of Waypoint-1, but the project specifically supports production, technical and stage managers.

What Waypoint-1 can offer

As an ECPM, the project can offer you free guidance and one-on-one mentorship lasting a year or more. Support offered might include helping you to:


  • navigate the different economic and social crises we now face

  • hone your creative vision or idea for a show

  • work towards realising your vision

  • identify sources of funding and write your own funding applications

  • identify potential avenues for collaboration, partnership and employment

  • develop digital, marketing and communications skills

  • produce your own work and streamline your admin

  • identify and access space to create your work

  • identify and access technical support required to produce your work

  • conduct a creative experiment of some kind

  • explore opportunities for touring your work

  • identify and apply to professional development opportunities

  • plan the most effective route between opportunities

Can we direct your performance?


In principle, yes – as long as the ultimate priority is to help you be more self sufficient. This type of input, for example, could be geared toward enabling you to self-direct, direct others, or identify a director to collaborate with.

What you can bring to the project

  • questions that are important to you

  • as much time as you would like to invest in your professional development


  • your creative vision or an idea of what that vision might be

  • an agent, manager, producer, fundraiser or administrator for your work

  • project funding, bursaries or commissions to create work

  • fees for creation, admin or expenses

  • production costs for your shows

If you are interested in participating in Waypoint-1 please see the Apply section for details. Applications can be submitted at any time.

[Image by Andy Catlin]

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