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Participants who work with Waypoint-1 on a long-term basis are invited to upload a profile to this page. This is a way for them to to see who else is working on the project with potential collaboration in mind. It also provides an opportunity for fellow arts professionals to see what they're working on. If they have included their email address as part of their profile then they would be delighted to hear from you. This process is voluntary, however, and not all participants choose to create a profile.



This Queer, non-binary, emerging Theatre-Maker was awarded a Vanishing Point Theatre: Everyone Is Creative Commission in 2021, on their quest to uncover the meaning of Scottish Sensuality. Hirpling and wheeling their deaf/Disabled body onto burlesque stages and screens, Eilidh Ellery has performed, trained and taught Internationally.

 A recipient of Creative Scotland, Scottish Government and National Lottery funding to Explore Accessible and Adaptive Dance Teaching Practices; OnFife Artist In Residence (March 2021) and Go See Share Fund 2022. Co-founder of East Neuk Circus & Cabaret Club, they dream of growing Accessibility across the Creative Industries. An ambition they have been supported towards making happen

Eilidh’s WIP Blog
Eilidh's email


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Nikhita is a multidisciplinary performer and movement artist who draws inspiration from many sources, including music, dance, martial arts and various spiritual traditions. They aim to inspire, educate and entertain while honouring their cultural roots and heritage, creating an atmosphere of warmth and comfort even when exploring the unknown and pushing boundaries with their art and creative expression.

Nikhita's email



Izzy is a Glasgow-based multidisciplinary artist, trained in contemporary performance and physical theatre with a focus on clown and bouffon. She creates performance that is tender, challenging, and honest. Her work explores the human condition and life itself, in all its beauty, severity and ridiculousness. Izzy works as a solo artist and with performance collective, SOMEWHERE BETWEEN. She co-hosts SHIITAKE NIGHTS, Glasgow south side’s monthly absurd cabaret, and teaches workshops in clown and playfulness. She believes that being playful and free while creating is the best way to eternally question, react, move, and, hopefully, move others.

Izzy's email




Tawnya is an experimental writer and educator whose work explores memoir through poetry, performance, fiction, essay, and more. Her work interrogates the limitations of genre and traditional literary conventions and she aims to innovate and create new spaces for readers, audiences, and writers. Thematically her work is inherently queer, sex and body positive as she uses the page as space for personal exploration.

Tawnya's email




Sadiq is a mixed heritage, neurodivergent circus artist who was born and raised in Edinburgh. He has a degree in Circus Arts (BA Hons, NCCA) and since graduating has toured with the contemporary circus company, Ockhams Razor, worked extensively as a soloist in cabaret, and created his own devised works for various commissions (And What? Queer Arts Festival, Wandsworth Arts Fringe, Cirqueer, Deep Trash supported by LADA, Jacksons Lane Hangwire and Braw Screen Circus 2021). Sadiq’s personal and creative practice reflects largely on the intersections he grew up in and particularly with his current work, The Chosen Haram, as a young, queer man from a Scottish, Muslim family.


Sadiq aspires to completing a debut, full-length circus-theatre work and touring it in the UK; a successful Fringe run, and collaborating with other creatives and artists to expand queer narratives using circus and contemporary performance.


With WP1 I have been collecting and focusing my aims, continuing and strengthening a personal reflective practice, expanding my understandings of creating theatre and self direction, and identifying new opportunities, including securing Creative Scotland funding for a substantial project.


Sadiq's email





Jade is a Queer, Working Class Mother, Actor, Theatre Maker and Facilitator based in Dundee. Jade graduated with a BA (Hons) in Acting for Stage & Screen from QMU and Edinburgh Napier University in 2019. Since graduating Jade has performed with Dundee Rep, Elfie Pickett Theatre and Stand Easy Productions; devised and directed new work for NHS Tayside and McManus Galleries and created and led workshops for Rep Engage, McManus Galleries, NHS Tayside and The Space School of Performing Arts.


Jade hopes to go on to establish, nurture and sustain a long term working relationship with the Dundee community. Jade wants to be able to perform alongside participants in new work created for, by, and with the community, that celebrates working class Dundee and the Dundonian Scots Language.


Jade is currently working with Waypoint-1 to get funding for “Dear Brian Cox” (the first of many planned community-driven projects), as well as getting the ball rolling on “Tales Fae The Tay”, a new audio-walking tour experience in Dundee.


Find out more at:


Contact: Jade's email



jd Stewart is a gay playwright, performer and digital content creator based in Edinburgh. He has an MFA in Dramatic Writing from New York University and an MSc in Playwriting from The University of Edinburgh. His plays have been shortlisted for the Theatre Uncut Prize (2019), the Hope Mill Theatre: Through the Mill Prize (2021) and the Platform Presents Play Prize (2021). He is a recipient of an ‘Everyone is Creative’ Award from Vanishing Point Theatre, Glasgow (2021) and was commissioned by the National Library of Scotland’s Fresh Ink Initiative (2021). In 2020, alongside Frazer Flintham, he launched the podcast ‘The One Fifty Marchers’ a historic look back at the first LGBTQ+ march in London in 1970. He is looking to work with theatres to have his work presented, along with including wraparound outreach with LGBTQ+ communities in Scotland.

With WP1 jd has been working on applications to Creative Scotland and exploring other ways of connecting to artists across Scotland.

jd's email



Taylor Dyson is a theatre-maker, performer and writer based in Dundee. Alongside her partner, Calum Kelly, she co-founded Elfie Picket Theatre; creating new work with a focus on Scots language and contemporary socio-political issues. Taylor also has a focus on spoken-word poetry, LGBTQ+ stories and Working-class perspectives.

Taylor wrote her debut play in 2018, Ane City, which went on to win the ART Award and receive critical acclaim at the Edinburgh and Prague Fringe Festivals. Ane City was programmed at Dundee Rep Theatre in 2020. Taylor recently received Creative Scotland Funding for the first time on her new play, Dolly Parton Saved My Life – a new play following a family of Dundonian women and their stories, and their connection to music.

Taylor is also a musician and works regularly as an actor and spoken word performer. Taylor is currently working on a new devised piece for Dundee Fringe Festival with Elfie Picket Theatre (Pushin’ Thirty) and will be performing in Matthew Knights’ new play Ewan MacColl: Manchester Rambler in September.

Taylor is working with WP1 on routes to develop her career, her knowledge and skillsets. She is specifically working on building Elfie Picket Theatre into a sustainable, working theatre company.

Taylor's email




Ruth has a background in film production, neuroscience research and social care. She’s fascinated by altered states of consciousness and sensory sensitivities after many years working with young people with autism.

Inspired by current neuroscience research into the medicinal potentials of psychedelics, and societietal reconnection to myth, Ruth is exploring the power of the story to heal. Her hope is to create – withe the support of Waypoint-1 – a sensory experience where the audience are invited on a nurturing journey towards wholeness and the centre. The piece is based on her lived experience, viewing mental health through her own lens, and finding clarity and peace in nature-connectedness.

Ruth's email




Ever curious, Eleanor always has inquiry at the forefront of her projects and practice. As a choreographer and dance performer, she endeavours to share experiences with audiences that open us all to alternative ways of thinking and hopefully brings us back to what makes us fundamentally human. Eliciting conversations and further questioning is something she always venture to do when part of a creative process.  
Through her personal and ensemble improvisational practice she has discovered written text and speech as additional avenues for creativity. Improvisation for the self and for performance are means for exploration in her practice, and she’d love to get involved with more improvisation, and within improvisation communities in Scotland and Germany.
Her short-term goals are to create projects that celebrate softness. Soft bodies, a gentle yet rigorous approach to practice and bringing together dancers and other artists to explore and celebrate their own softness would all be a part of that. She’d like to continue creating work for Tangent Dance Theatre too, along with co-director Theo Robertson.  

Together with WP1,  she’s currently creating a daily practice to foster more creativity and to support future work.

Eleanor's email




Stephanie is a director and theatre-maker from Glasgow. She has previously worked in association with Young Scot, Youth Theatre Arts Scotland, and Toonspeak. Her most recent directing credits include Budgies (excerpt, Our Time Theatre), Cooncil (Our Time Theatre/Webster’s Theatre) and #FOMO (SDUK/Edinburgh College). As a recent Applied Psychology graduate, she is interested in the relationship between performing arts and health. She is also interested in working with new writing and creating plays that platform underrepresented voices.

Stephanie is working with WP1 to develop a new play exploring gender politics and national identity through the woman of Cumann na mBan during the Easter Rising, as well as developing working practices that allow her to work across her areas of interests.


Stephanie's email





Playmobile’s practice centres around a gargantuan interest in every medium that their body encounters. This body, which they see as the only tool that they, and all, really possess, becomes the site for a practice of 'collage' on a grand scale, drawing material from all directions:  the everyday, organic, mechanical, technological, or mythological world, academic theory, languages, the people who speak them, and the spaces between these elements.



Playmobile presents this ‘collage’ primarily in non-conventional art spaces such as city streets, parks, transport and nightclubs through a mix of writing, installation and performance that is in constant relationship with the everyday world around it. They are interested in listening to the voices and bodies that inhabit such spaces, human and non-human, and framing both the connections and differences between them. Research into carnival, ecology, drag and translation run through these explorations.  

They are currently exploring how to ‘write’ for public space in a post-covid world. WP1 is helping Playmobile clarify their artistic vision and to navigate the trials and tribulations of building a creatively-led life.

Playmobile's email




Calum Kelly is a playwright and director based in Dundee. He creates socio-political theatre and works with his company Elfie Picket (which he cofounded with his partner Taylor Dyson). Calum creates work that examines important issues using a variety of performance styles including live music, comedy and poetry. Some of his recent work include directing Ane City which won the Assembly Roxy Theatre Award (ART Award) which ran for a full run at the Edinburgh Fringe to critical acclaim; and writing & directing the Union & Crown which was programmed at the Assembly Roxy Edinburgh as part of their season of protest.

WP1 has helped Calum with organising and managing his career. Al has also opened up a lot of new doors for Calum and put him in contact with people who have helped move his career forward.

Calum's email




David moved to Edinburgh during lockdown after spending two years in London completing a screenwriting Masters and making a few short films. While he’d never rule out writing for film in the future, theatre is very much his focus going forward, and a huge part of the reason for moving to Scotland. It's been a goal of David’s for a long time to have a play he’s written performed at the Edinburgh Fringe, and now he feels that's a realistic target for next year's festival. He’s originally from the North East of England, which is something that comes across in his authorial voice. Mainly, he uses comedy and surreal scenarios to explore big issues and themes that interest him.

Now that we're free to create and have coffee's again in public, he’s working hard to build a network and get busy making theatre that he feels proud to be involved in. WP1 is helping David connect with other writers and opportunities to develop his writing practice.

David' email




Matthew Knights is a writer and creative writing tutor based in Dundee. He is Artistic Director of Knights Theatre ( which creates contemporary plays about social history. Current projects include plays about radical polymath, Ewan MacColl and the access to the countryside movement, and Jennie Lee, the Fife-born politician who created the Open University. As a creative writing tutor, he is currently working on projects with North Lanarkshire Council, Dundee Leisure & Culture, Abertay Historical Society and Byre Writers in St Andrews. The issue he is interested in is developing socially engaged practice in line with the theatre company’s aims to reach a broad, working class audience.

The primary assistance Matthew has had from WP1 has been to identify business priorities for the development of his company and the successful engagement of a Producer to support this activity.


Matthew's email


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